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7 Web Design Software Tools to Make Designers’ Life Easy

Why spend thousands of dollars on programs that you have to download to your PC when you could simply utilize a cloud platform? Although not all cloud platforms are made equal, we believe the following are far and away from the best.

Another benefit of using online site design software is that it is free. It might be an excellent place for new web designers to start learning their profession. You can discover how everything works and practically reverse engineer a website if you look behind the hood. Let’s quickly dig into the 7 web design software tools.

  • WordPress

WordPress is without a doubt the most well-known online site platform on the planet. It runs a large chunk of the internet and is easy to set up and use. While some coding expertise is advantageous, it is not required, and there are several manuals and resources available to address all of your queries. WordPress is a great platform to start if you are totally new to website design and development. It gives you an excellent basis for understanding how a website is put up while requiring very little coding skills. It gives us the benefit to set up a website swiftly and painlessly.

  • Wix

Wix is now an HTML5-based website builder, which is a welcome change from Flash. Wix is mostly a premium service, however, it does provide a free version with a restricted set of capabilities. It’s a simple drag-and-drop builder with limited cognitive opportunities, but it’s a great place to start for newcomers to our field. To be honest, we believe Wix is more valuable for small company owners than web designers. You may create a website in Wix in a couple of hours if you wish to work with smaller clients with speedier turnaround times.

  • WebFlow

Webflow is a website-building software tool that “codes as you go,” eliminating the need for coding. You won’t have to write the code yourself or pay a developer to do it for you, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. It’s an excellent example of a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. Webflow may be the best option for individuals who need a website quickly and wish to study web design or development once it is launched. It can also be useful for individuals learning through reverse engineering, albeit your chances of getting beneath the hood are restricted.

  • Weebly

Weebly is one of our most recent online web design software suggestions. It’s a software tool available online with WYSIWYG features, a large number of templates, mobile connectivity, some plugin support, and all the tools required to get a website up and operating in the least period of time, much like the others listed. Weebly is appealing in the same way that these other tools are. You may utilize Weebly to swiftly construct customer sites if you wish to start as a web developer. You may add your own decorations to web pages as you learn using the platform, which accepts code.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio started out as an IDE just for Windows but expanded to include desktop, mobile, and web. It’s customizable, packed with developers or coding tools, integrates with .Net Framework, supports multiple languages, and is remarkably reliable for a Microsoft product. Microsoft Visual Studio is ideal for developers working on Microsoft apps, mobile apps, Azure apps, and a wide variety of projects. It also has very useful collaboration tools that are ideal for remote workers.

  • Color cinch

Every web designer should have Color Cinch in their toolbox. Colorcinch enables anybody, regardless of design expertise, to create gorgeous images from the beginning. Colorcinch is useful for more than just graphic design. It can also be used to convert photographs into clean, creative compositions. Colorcinch is a wonderful resource for everyone who wants to create appealing visuals with only a few clicks and a little drag and drop. It’s also a great tool for site designers who want to make their products stand out by quickly converting regular images into cartoons, drawings, and sketches.

  • Sketch

The sketch is a professional and user-friendly interface with a variety of useful features and software tools. It’s not as excellent as Adobe Illustrator, but it’s the best paid option. While it is not developed primarily for web development, it has a number of features that make it quite helpful. Any site designer who wishes to work with vectors should utilize Sketch. There are some really helpful mockups and sharing capabilities, as well as the ability to construct page pieces and import them across several pages for a more efficient workflow.

Bottom Line

We’ve highlighted the most common and useful software tools that you’ll find useful. Not that every web designer needs or uses each of these software tools, you’ll find that different people in a design firm, freelancers, or contractors may use a few to meet their specific needs.

Are there any more software tools that you think might be useful? Do share your thoughts with us.

5 Ways in Which Growth Hacking Can Increase Your Return on Investment

Growth hackers can benefit businesses in a multitude of ways by building a specific marketing strategy, adjusting to it, and generating greater following and revenues. In the world of cutthroat business competition today, capitalizing on online and other resources is paramount for success and expansion.

Growth hacking can help expand your business’s reach by conducting extensive market research, discovering new gateways and avenues where you can access your target audience, and tapping into niches and markets that have thus far remained unexplored.

By building S.M.A.R.T goals, you can significantly increase your conversions and return on investment. Growth marketing can document and analyze the results of your marketing and advertising strategies and suggest several ways of improving and growing your access to current and potential customers.

1. Include 3rd Party Platforms and Social Media

Businesses that invest in different media outlets and build a social media presence tend to do better. By including influencers, famous personas, influential partnerships, attractive giveaways, etc., you can grow your audience and capitalize on the viewership on different social media platforms.

Several businesses including Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Google, YouTube, etc., have reached new levels of growth and prominence by establishing solid social media presence and securing strong networks. Uber built applications that allowed people to access the facility through their smartphones, whereas Airbnb has used Craigslist to target its users as potential customers.

Similarly, startups and small businesses can benefit from reaching out to relevant platforms and building partnerships or networks to acquire customers. From emails, Google accounts, YouTube accounts, Reddit, etc., people have social media presence everywhere and each of these can be used to reel in customers.

Your business can use 3rd party platforms to broadcast interactive advertisements as in the case of YouTube. By building a mailing list, you can send newsletters, discount offers, upcoming sales, or offers to thousands of people that have their accounts on 3rd part websites.

You may even list your products on websites such as Amazon to increase visibility and awareness, or use marketing tools such as Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, etc. to find out what your potential consumers are searching for on search engines so that you may tailor your content accordingly.

2. Expand Your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Now that you have secured your audience, it is now the right time to enhance your E-A-T, or otherwise known as your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness so that the customers you have reeled in remain loyal for the long term.

Your company can achieve this by sharing persuasive, as well as informative content on your website and social media platforms that offer unique information about your products and services.

More importantly, your business should use its established audience, buyer personas, and gathered research to construct topic clusters on key areas that target your audience’s main concerns.

You can create forums, pillar pages, and subforums for such topics so your audience is able to communicate and provide crucial information about much-needed improvements.

One excellent growth hacking strategy is to build content that actively encourages users to share links, hashtags, mentions, and brings forth high-quality traffic.

The more you engage with your community, the better your trustworthiness and the more your consumers trust your services and expertise.

3. Create Engaging Content

Content development is key to meeting your customers’ needs and converting them. There is no better way to increase your visibility and increasing conversions than by sharing engaging content with your consumers.

Page-specific content is monumental in growing audiences. The more often your update your content and add interesting information, the likelier it is for your customers to stay on your website.

Adding page-specific content such as “Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Today”, or “How Growth Marketing Can Help Build Revenue for Startups” can be used to share interesting infographics, case studies, videos, reviews, etc.

The more specific you are with your content, the better the information and the more relevant you are to your audience.

We recommend developing content that depends on your sales level and your audiences’ main concerns.

4. Retarget Your Advertisements After Intervals

Though it may seem strange to many, retargeting your advertisements after periods of time can help you in getting back the purchases and consumers you may have missed in the past.

In fact, research indicates that this growth hacking strategy can increase brand searches by up to 1000% and boost website traffic by 720%.

An average consumer of a brand visits the website at least nine times before making the final purchase, hence why it is beneficial to retarget your advertisements on the front page for all to see.

It is also a cost-effective way to earn revenue without spending much on new strategies, advertisements, etc.

5. Analyze the Data and Test What Works Best

It goes without saying that the data gathered from past sales, marketing strategies, and social media performance can greatly help in determining what works best for your brand and how you can capitalize on it in the future.

Take a step back and observe where you can improve engagement. Perhaps you need to make your website or application more user-friendly or add more page-specific content, or polls, comment sections, videos, etc., that could potentially fill in those gaps that let potential customers slip away.

Through A/B testing, you can experiment with your products and services easily and pinpoint errors and defects that can be easily fixed early on, leading to positive results. HubSpot is an excellent A/B testing kit that provides businesses with all the necessary sources you need to start with the testing procedures.

6 Successful Growth Hacking Strategies for New and Small Businesses

To survive the cutthroat business environment these days, small businesses depend on successful growth hacking and the necessary tools needed for it. Organizations must strategize and focus on consumer growth and unless you are a professional growth hacker, this may be a daunting task.

Using smart digital and non-digital activities, your business can reel in potential customers and expand its reach online. For this purpose, you need to be knowledgeable of the tools and ideas required to increase your brand reach and harness these strategies to market your services effectively.

1. Do Your Research and Stay Connected

The best way to reach out to new customers and build loyalty is by researching the market and staying connected with people of influence and importance. Educating yourself and updating your information about the rapidly fluctuating and evolving marketing cycle can be useful when you are a growth hacker.

Keep in touch with growth hackers and others who have experience with marketing online and using modern technology to further learn new strategies to attract consumers. 

2. Prepare for a Pre-Launch

One of the most crucial tasks for any business is to prepare its pre-launch customer list. For this purpose, you may need to apply customer-generating tricks and strategies to assemble a pre-launch list.

You can start with the basics: launching an effective giveaway campaign for existing and potential customers to increase your following on online platforms. Additionally, you can also create an effective referral/reward campaign that rewards consumers for referring your service to friends and family.

A rather popular and effective strategy these days is building influencers outreaches. Seek the assistance and referrals of prominent social media personalities and content creators who can record a live critique of your product PR package or service for the world to see.

You can even launch a magical pre-launch snippet video of your product so people can get familiar with it and join the hype. The key is to optimize your referral market so that the word of your product launch spreads far and wide.

3. Invest in an Application or a Plug-In

Growth hacking is all about customer growth and what better way to achieve that than through creating applications and plug-ins that reel in potential customers?

You can hire the services of an application developer, or if you are tech-savvy, you can even design an application for your business yourself. Fiver offers the services of several technologically knowledgeable app developers that will get the job done without incurring massive costs.

Proper advertising of your application and making the plug-ins free for use is a foolproof way to shovel in customers.

4. Build a Social Media Presence

It goes without saying that having a strong social media presence is paramount for any business’s success, especially when marketing strategies are advancing day by day.

Creating your own community on online platforms can level up your business growth and popularity. A social media group that circles around your products and services on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can offer an excellent way to reach out to your existing and potential customers. More importantly, it gives them a route to reach out to you.

Continuous posting of articles, pictures, and promotional videos will keep your audience engaged. You can even throw in some freebies or the classic ‘buy-one-get-one-free option occasionally.

Ask consumers of your products for advice and suggestions and provide them with solutions to their queries wherever possible. The overall goal is to build a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the prosperity and success of your business.

5. Make Strategic Decisions Based on Data Analytics

You simply cannot make strategic business decisions without evaluating, measuring, and assessing your past actions, current plans, and future visions. For this reason, you need up-to-date business data, metrics, and all the important facts and figures.

As a flourishing business, you need to be able to analyze this data and streamline tasks. You must pinpoint loopholes in current strategies and devise foolproof solutions to tackle these in the future.

Through a careful assessment of the analytics, you will then be able to decide where to invest your money and resources. Compare and contract your performance with the previous business year and evaluate where you can further improve to ensure growth in the future.

6. Build a Review/Testimonial Section

The most important rule of growth hacking is to use customer reviews and testimonials as your best marketing tool. Whatever you say or do will not be as crucial as how the customer perceives your product or service.

Obtain reviews and feedback in the form of comments, reaction or unboxing videos, blog posts, or even social media campaigns that may actively support your product.

Collect positive feedback and stories from customers and assemble them in one place on your web page or social media platform for the world to see. Organizations nowadays will broadcast customer reviews on their Instagram stories to garner support.

When people visit your social media or web page, positive customer reviews could make them potential customers as testimonials by and can be used as a decision-making tool for new consumers.

Remember to design your reviewing system as user friendly so that customers can operate it without any hassle. Often companies will receive poor reviews, not for their product, but for their technical reviewing system.

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SaaS Products Every Startup Should Consider Using

Software as a service works like a ‘service on-demand’. It’s basically a platform where you do not really need to download any additional software for this because this one platform has got it all. Instead, there’s a monthly instalment that you subscribe to and all the data is saved to the Cloud rather than physically on a computer or a device. All the necessary tools and the initial set-up has already been done and there are no costs attached other than the monthly charges which could be unsubscribed at any point in time, there’s no compulsion to pay for a whole year for something you will only be using for only a small period of time. 

Software as a Service has been one of the fastest growing markets in recent times with a growth forecast of about almost $105 billion. There are businesses that are willing to spend 50% more on these cloud-based technologies than they did about 2 or more years ago. There are so many platforms available in the market providing such facilities and some of them need to be amplified more and more startups need to consider them:

1. Slack

Slack is a workplace communication software allowing employers and employees to instantly get in touch with each other. It has a lot of options like the direct messaging ‘DMs’ (person-to-person) and also channels which are more of a group chat. It started out as a chatting platform for one company but has now turned into a huge workplace communication and workflow platform for different organizations, companies and businesses around the globe. 

Slack is available for Windows and Mac. Their updated versions are available easily on the Google Play Store for android and App Store for iOS devices.

2. Buffer

Buffer is an application that has been designed to manage accounts on various social media platforms by allowing the user to schedule their posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. 

With just a few clicks you schedule the time and date of when you want to post your content and it will do exactly that on the very date and time. In these busy schedules and work routines, we sometimes do not find the time to update our social media accounts and Buffer has almost eradicated that problem provided you remember and find the time to tell it to update your posts for you. 

Buffer is available as extension for browsers which include Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. There are app versions available for mobile devices to be installed on Android and iOS systems. 

3. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop was originally known as 3DCart and it was recently acquired by Shift4 in November 2020. This is a solution to all your eCommerce problems. It allows users to create their own websites to start selling products and services on the internet. Users can choose from different already available templates. Everything is super customizable to your liking, mobile-friendly and also SEO-optimized. 

A lot of Shift4Shop’s competitors cost nearly $300 or more per month but Shift4Shop has slashed all the costs when you use Shift4’s eCommerce platform to pay. It saved a huge amount for people who could use this money to further boost their sales. 

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that checks and corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, and delivery mistakes. It carefully uses AI to look for replacements for words and sentences that a user should have used instead in case of mistakes. It also lets you customize your style, pick up on the tone used, and importantly context-specific language. One of the main reasons for its popularity is how easy it is to use it. It is extremely user-friendly and also corrects all your mistakes in real-time. 

It’s a real advantage because sometimes you may forget to press that button to check for spelling mistakes for an important article and no one likes to send out anything that is riddled with mistakes. You could download it or just install the extension on your web browser and you’re good to go. 

Users can use this on various different platforms like Facebook, Microsoft Word, WordPress and more. There are free and premium versions available and you can choose which to use as per your requirement. It is available for Windows and Mac as well as on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. 


There are so many SaaS software and platforms available in the market but some of these have been top notch and we need more of them. The world has essentially started living, breathing, earning on the internet and these cloud-based and other various applications make it a lot easier. More options would also ensure quality because of the competition and everyone would rush to make their product more efficient.

5 Ways You Can Increase Productivity

Productivity directly relates to smart planning and staying focused. The real challenge is to remain focused and sometimes it can be really tiresome especially when you have a set pattern of work or a routine. There may be times where you zone out and just stare at the list of the items that remain incomplete. At the end of the day you may have completed one task or none at all leaving you dissatisfied and it pushes you further down the aisle of self-doubt. 

There are things you can do to make your day more productive so you have a feeling of contentment for having fulfilled your tasks at the end of the day. 

1. Create a to-do list

Right off the bat, maintain a to-do list. Write all your important and upcoming tasks, events and things that matter the most. The most important ones are right at the top so you do not procrastinate and delay it till the very last minute. The best feeling is going back to that list and crossing it off, the sense of accomplishment is unmatched. 

Focus on smaller goals; choose the easiest task from the list and work from there. Less is more, even a minuscule of a task could hinder in the way like a giant rock sometimes so take it easy and complete the most basic of tasks first and move towards the harder ones. Even if the first thing that you need to do is a tough one, break it down into smaller bits and finish them one step at a time. 

2. Incentivize

The incentive theory of motivation entails that people feel motivated and are more driven towards accomplishing something when they believe there will be a reward as a result. This theory does not work only in workplaces but it’s general human nature that we tend to work efficiently and more proactively once a reward of some sort is promised. The reward is subjective according to situations but it helps in keeping focus

Whilst focusing on working towards a goal, always reward yourself for motivation. It could be a very small thing for instance, for every two pages of an article you complete, take a bite from your favorite chocolate, or watch an episode of your favorite TV show. It could be anything you like doesn’t even have to be too small or too big.

3.  Eliminate Distractions

One of the biggest hindrances to completing tasks is the factor of getting distracted. People tend to get distracted while engaging in some work they generally do not like or understand. Understanding your assignment is a vital step towards achieving it. When you feel like you’ve understood the assignment, you do not lose your focus and it gets completed way quickly. 

Another important factor is being constantly connected to social media platforms and checking your feed needlessly. If not social media then people also have this habit of keeping on checking their emails. This time could be put to productive exercises but instead, it goes to waste. 

So minimizing distractions and making good use of the time is very important to remain productive. Put that phone away till the job at hand gets done. 

4. Timely Breaks

Taking breaks holds significance while working because sitting at a desk for long hours can hurt you physically as well as dent your efficiency. Spending 8-10 hours sitting can be very exhausting and it will most definitely leave you out of energy. The best solution to this is to take breaks in between, walk around if there is space, put on your favorite music and zone out for a while. 

Productivity will increase because you will feel refreshed and more energetic. You don’t have to push yourself beyond your limits to think you have been productive, it’s all about efficiently get the job done and not about how many hours you sat at your desk. 

5. Getting Started

A major problem that leads to procrastination is figuring out how to start working on things and tasks. This results in dropping what you wanted to do entirely because you tell yourself you’ll do it later. People spend a lot of time on conditions or a perfect situation whereas the perfect scenario does not exist. You make the most of what you get. So quit figuring out how to start but get going, everything will fall in place eventually.

These are just a few ways to keep yourself focused and dedicated to increasing your productivity and efficiency throughout the day. Everyone can have their own different ways of being productive like taking a break, bringing in incentives to increase motivation and decrease stress levels. While working it’s important to keep a balance between working and not hurting your health. 

4 Tips You Can Follow To Accomplish More In Less Time!

It almost seems impossible to accomplish more in less time. To do more, you need to contribute additional time. There is a debate that Working ten hours a day will help you in achieving more rather than working 7 hours a day but more work does not always mean more outcomes. This is not how it works. Working intelligently is better than doing extra work. Sometimes working more can really harm the amount you accomplish. 

Working less and achieving more is not simple. It requires thinking inventively to discover more viable methods of getting things done. Yet, first you must be available to the likelihood that your strategies are not really proficient. When you do that you can search for approaches to get more refined without simply expanding your plan for the day. 

Here is how you can accomplish more in less time by following these 4 tips:

  • Manage Your Work

Managing your work and then working on important tasks first make things easier and you will be able to achieve your goals in less time. Working hard for a brief timeframe can achieve more than working for longer hours. Here are two very simple ideas to manage your work: 

 Create a Balance. Rest completely and then work hard. When you feel tired, take a break again and relax. Then again start working and you will get it done in less time. 

Do not delay projects. Try not to delay the projects that only require a few hours. Finish them at a time and do not delay them, this way you can save time for another task.  

  • Learn To Say No  

An easy method to build efficiency and get a greater amount of your significant assignments finished is to get familiar with the art of saying no. Make boundaries because you will come across many such opportunities, tasks and individuals that will waste your time. In order to avoid this, you just need to make sure you do not say yes to those opportunities. Look for tasks that will save your time and energy rather than waste it.

  • Keep It Simple

When confronted with any assignment, search for approaches to keep things basic and try not to invest energy on intricacy that does not add a lot of significant worth. Basic report organising is a genuine model. Focus on the content that is important without getting too caught up in making elaborate designing that could create more issues later. If you will do your work in a complex way, there will be more chances of errors and you will have to do it again so it is better to keep it as simple as possible and to the point.

  • Stop Doing More Than One Task At A Time

Performing various tasks at the same time will make it difficult for you to concentrate. In the event that you put a burden on yourself, you will feel stressed and baffled since you have focused only on the product over the whole procedure. Think rather of one task and the measure you need to achieve that objective, and you will experience that restless inclination less often. It is because coordinating less mental energy to stressors eventually assists you with expanding in general productivity and accomplishing more.

You can actually accomplish more in less time by focusing on your work and not being distracted by the stress of workload. Just follow these tips effectively and see the drastic change in your routine.

Growth Hacking Your Small Business

One of the perks of starting your own business is you get to manage a lot of tasks simultaneously. While this helps the entrepreneur learn alot but requires he has knowledge about a lot of aspects of businesses. 

Statistically over 20% of businesses don’t last even one year and 50% of the rest don’t make it to their fifth year. The urge to fight the battle on all fronts is a unique one. Since you own the business, you want to control and overlook every aspect to perfection but this hurts your business in the longer run.

There is one word that could save your business from going bankrupt in the first five years I.e. Growth Hacking. To identify the most efficient achievement of growth, a quick experimentation across multiple fronts from the same business is called growth hacking. Below are some ways small and medium business can hack their way in to sustainability:

1.Gamify onboarding

Gone are the days when gamification was only used for actual video games. Making the user onboarding experience fun and unique without breaking your bank keeps people engaged with your new business and get them to recommend friends too. Moreover, incentivize referals. Giving the user something extra such as discounts, store credit a gift t-shirt can all increase the influx of customer to your business. Gamification encourages the customer on a subconscious level to engage with your business. This helps you gather data about the success of your campaigns and duplicate them as well

2.Create an app

With the rise and constant innovation in the smart phone industry, it’s always a good idea to reach your customers via a customized app. Almost 60% of people reach out to your website via their mobile. Also, apps account for a whopping 89% of a customer’s mobile media time. Study also shows that 61% users won’t visit your website if they have a problem accessing it the first time. Having a responsive mobile app can not only save you opportunity cost of customers but also are cheaper to make and maintain than a website.

3.Use analytics for decision making

Data and analytics lie at the heart of every business but most of the business owners either don’t understand the importance or how to get benefit from this. Calculated data provides useful deep insights in to your business which if used in decision making reap tremendous results. Data helps you get rid of unnecessary expenses, committing resources without actual gain and also identify areas of improvement. 

4.Keep experimenting

Small businesses usually avoid any kind of experimentation as it is scary to bet money somewhere and lose it. They have budget constraints and experimentation is the last thing on their mind. However to bring in more customers and sales, experimentation can not be by passed. Ofcourse, you can learn from big corporations and other industry expert but at the end of the day no two businesses are the same. You have to invest and understand the long term worth of prototyping and experiments for your business.

In conclusion, growth hacking is about finding new ways to grow your business in the cheapest and fastest way possible. To make growth hacking simple and easy, small businesses need to invest. It is a completely ethical and moral practice to continue. We hope the steps above will help you take your business to new heights. Let us know what other growth hacks helped you develop your business.

4 Things Established Businesses Need To Learn From Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a smart marketing technique that employs its data-driven methodology on businesses to acquire maximum customers while spending as slight as possible. Startups business owners always have limited budgets, what they need is an innovative idea and the ways to set up and grow their businesses, there enters a growth hacker who uses his novel and low-cost strategies by employing his growth hacking analysis or concepts, set growth priorities, analyze success, look for channels that can acquire more customers and scale growth. So how they can be beneficial for the established businesses and what these industry leaders need to learn from them? Let’s  find out

Acquiring New Clients 

Product marketing, content marketing, and advertising are the three main areas growth hackers employ their strategies onto. And if you have already tried this, and this sounds nothing new to you, think about what led LinkedIn to 175 million users from merely 13 million in a short span of time. And what drove Hotmail to gain 3000 new users a day with a small PS: I love you, message? The same is with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Why these big shots earned the prestige and fame and the customers they have today while everybody else couldn’t make it, So, it’s better to re-evaluate your tactics and practices and let growth come your way.

Retaining Customers For A Lifetime 

The established business has significant consumers. Their integral problem is to retain them for a lifetime. So what is it they need to do to increase their effectiveness and keep the interest of their client? What is it they can do to attract their consumers to invest in their new features and products? There comes the lean funnel of the growth hackers who attract the customers through partnership, through email messages, through PR, through blogs, contests, and virals, that’s how the established business acquire and activate and retain more customers to gain revenue for the organization.

Measure Every Step Of The Growth 

Growth hackers love to perform tests in order to find improvement. They divide people between control and test groups and examine the change on the latter to evaluate the difference between the two groups. This is called their a/b testing system. If the test is successful, and a customer activates and retains, they start identifying the bottleneck. The results may not be much captivating at first but the growth hackers are there to measure the conversions at every step of the move. And at that point, their job is to figure out how to attract the customer from one state to the next and when the user stays, that’s where you start seeing the desired result. 

Tools To Measure Your Website Traffic 

To gain maximum and frequent traffic on your website,  the growth hackers have come up with the amazing tools of Unbounce and Optimizely. These tools are used to test the frequency on the landing pages while Unbounce is a better option when your business requires a new website, the optimized works great for your existing website. The more traffic online, the more revenue you get at the end, and it’s the growth hacker’s job to make it interesting for people.

The digital age of today has paved the way for businesses to access and approach new clients, interact more suitably with the existing ones and increase their retention rate, and eventually raise their revenue.  A business reaches its full potential when it knows how to retain customers, improve their efficiency and eliminate liabilities and the growth hackers are there to accelerate the process with the perfect tools, lean techniques, and the matrix to achieve your organizational goals.

Useful Software Tools To Learn in 2021

Computers fill a useful need prior to anything else. Regardless of whether you’re working at home or assisting kids with schoolwork, you will require helpful software tools that give the perfect measure of efficiency. With another PC, you should introduce a few fortes yourself to get your PC from zero to 60 right away for the ideal yield. Here a portion of the tools are gathered together

Productivity And Privacy Tools
You need to ensure that you don’t release the data to other people while you surf the web. With such countless alternatives accessible, finding helpful software can appear to be troublesome. However, the accompanying incredible tools can assist you with being the most secretly profitable individual you can be.
PDF Editor: Nuance Power PDF
Nuance Power PDF comes in both normal and expert adaptations, the two of which permit you to effectively make PDFs from an assortment of records or convert PDFs to Word Documents. The standard variant offers a few highlights ideal for the home client. With a simple to-utilize Windows 10 PC and tablet interface, it allows you to share altars across gadgets. You can take Office documents and make PDFs from them. All the more critically, you can naturally change over a PDF record to an Office report.

Voice-to-Text: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home
NaturallySpeaking Home is a correspondence program with extraordinary compared to other characteristic language voice acknowledgment programs available.
Numerous individuals discover composing more troublesome than it should be. Regardless of whether you have somebody in your home with a learning handicap or you simply think better when you’re speaking.

Online Privacy: iolo Privacy Guardian
iolo Privacy Guardian guarantees your system ensures your privacy and security when perusing the web. With programmers hoping to take data in any capacity they can, guarding your program’s area is a higher priority than at any other time. Iolo Privacy Guardian permits you to peruse secretly so nobody can follow your IP address, not even your Internet Service Provider.

Media and Gaming
Regardless of whether you’re a media specialist or a PC gamer, discovering tools that help are the fundamental things to center.

Photograph Editing: ACDsee
ACDSee Photo Editor gives a simple-to-utilize option in contrast to other photograph altering software choices since it is totally adjustable for the home client. ACDsee permits you to effectively move to the innovative piece of the altering interaction by going about as a picture change and layered altering software. It comes in total with pixel-based altering tools, exactness focusing on, channels, changes, and drawing components. Additionally, since it has RAW help, you can zero in on changes as well

Gaming Performance: Razer Cortex: Game Booster
Razer Cortex: Game Booster centers around aiding PC gamers to get the best insight by streamlining your presentation while gaming. This free software closes down the profitability measures that you needn’t bother with running when you’re attempting to strike with your organization. Since it perceives the gaming stage, Razer Cortex begins when you dispatch your game and afterward naturally re-establishes your PC’s settings when you close out the gaming stage.

Systems And Security Software
When you introduce all the tools you require to work and play, you need to upgrade and make sure about your new PC. Regardless of whether this isn’t the most energizing piece of setting up another PC, it’s absolutely perhaps the most significant.

Disk Management: Acronis Disk Director
Acronis Disk Director coordinates and arranges your hard disk for ideal execution while ensuring your information. Acronis Disk Director empowers you to make disk segments so you can redo and sort out your hard drive’s design. With the capacity to control your information, you can all the more effectively split, resize, convert, or union volumes.

System Optimizer: CCleaner
CCleaner ties up your hard drive consistently so your PC works quicker. CCleaner comes in both a free and paid rendition allowing you the chance to discover an answer that meets your requirements. The free software variant velocities up your PC handling and secures your privacy. CCleaner begins by checking on your hard drive for unused documents and setting that moderate handling speed. Then, it clears out your vault, which eliminates mistakes and broken settings that cause crashes.

Backup and Antivirus: Acronis True Image
Acronis True Image is the world’s #1 individual digital assurance arrangement, conveying information insurance with work in safeguards against the consistently developing dangers to your information. Acronis True Image coordinates the manner in which you use information today by giving the most extensive individual backup arrangement accessible. Subsequent to investing energy introducing the applications that make your PC gainful, fun, and practical – and afterward modifying all the settings and inclinations – notwithstanding full identical representation backups and disk cloning capacities, it remembers the capacity to make a for one recuperation apparatus.

6 SAAS Products For Growing Your Small Business

Do you run a small business owner and on a look for hacks to stunt its growth in 2021?  If yes, then you must be aware of the multiple teams you will need for this, which means hiring more workforce, but your tight budget does not allow this. Well, in that case, these Saas products are a perfect match to your financing and growth needs. These cloud based softwares costs much less money than hiring a whole team and can be tailored according to your requirements.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service tool used to derive useful information from the numbers generated by your website. It keeps track of every interaction or click on your website, commonly visited page, least visited page, number of users and their demographic, what browser or device they use, and most importantly which social media platform derives most traffic etc.

Seems like a set of trivial information but google analytics provide useful insight about the customers or your online presence using such information. You can then use that to optimise your websites accordingly. 


Elink is very famous among small business owners for both content curation and content marketing. With its user friendly interface you can create newsletters, webpages, RSS widgets, Bookmarks, and social bio links within a few minutes.

This Saas application is a lifesaver for individuals who struggle with creativity and making visually appealing web pages. It also comes with a library full of templates and layouts that you can avail to step up your digital content game. 

In today’s world, UI or UX are the real deal breakers but thanks to the developers at Elink, you don;t have to worry about the design and can fully focus on growing your online venture.


In addition to being a marketing platform, Hubspot has some additional features to streamline your sales and customer relationship management. From conducting automatic email campaigns, interacting with customers, tabulating the results of campaigns, and a dashboard displaying the sales pipeline, it can do it all.

The product is free but requires a subscription to premium edition in order to use features related to automated marketing and CRM. Some of its free features include; Blog ideas generator, invoice template generator, market plan generator, and free business templates etc.


For brands that thrive on increased social media engagement, buffer is the one stop solution for generating organic engagement. With a single account, you can manage multiple social media platforms to share your story and attract an audience.

Its features include but are not limited to; posts scheduling, hashtag planner, running social media marketing campaigns, examining their impact, and generating reports etc.

Bonus: It comes with 14 days free trial and can cancel at any moment although, given its reviews it is highly unlikely.


An AI based customer support software, where you can send automatic responses to your customer’s queries. You can customise and curate the responses based on customers’ behaviour.

Users have reported a decrease in their response time from 2 hours to 2 minutes. In addition to developing business messengers and targeted chat bots, the softwares also provides you with useful insights from the conversation with the customers.

Fresh Book

If you hate keeping track of countless excel sheets or managing receipts, then you definitely need this cloud based accounting software. The most prominent feature is its integration with almost 100 other softwares, which helps you streamline the cost flow.

From freelancers to entrepreneurs and corporations, everyone is using FreshBook to keep track of their payments, especially when there is a contractor involved.

By utilising these products, you can  compensate for your weak spots in business management and focus on your strengths. Since it takes a whole village to run a successful enterprise

Growth Hacking & Its Role In The Success Of Your Business

We all have across this new buzz word “Growth Hacking” but let me reassure you that it’s more than just a buzzy phrase. It’s one of the vital ingredients to the stratospheric success of major businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Every year more and more startups and businesses are moving in this direction to leverage the power of growth hacking. 

The best way to know what growth hacking is to look at the companies who did it as it’s not a cut and molded cheat sheet. It’s a mindset. Let’s dive into your success stories:


Much of Dropbox’s early success is attributed to growth hacking. It’s the poster company for the term as Sean Ellis – the entrepreneur who coined the term was responsible for Drop box’s early success. 

They started in 2007 and by April of 2009, Dropbox had one million registered users but how did they do it. Their promotional strategy was the key to this lock. The company implemented a very smart referral system that awarded both parties involved. If a user signs up both the user and their friend would get free storage space and the rest is history.


Everyone knows the name Airbnb today but how about a decade ago? When the startup was struggling to be on people’s radar. The solution they implemented was nothing short of ingenious. They utilized the power of craigslist, which was one of their competitors at that time.

Airbnb found a bug in craigslist code which allowed them to cross-post their own listing to craigslists and gave them access to a larger audience. When people would want to book the link would redirect them to Airbnb’s site for payment. Craigs’ wasn’t happy about it but by the time they fixed it, Airbnb could stand on its own with its own market share.

3. Yelp

Love reading and writing review, well you are certainly not alone in this passion. In 2004 yelp founded for a problem of a fake review. They decided to build Yelp where real people would actually review and recommend local restaurants. The initial testing in San Francisco took off and today they serve 219 cities around the globe. 

The idea that hit the sweet spot was the social element of the application. Yelp assigns users Elite and Pro status just like in a game. Not only this but they had luck on their side because while Yelp was growing the smartphone industry had just become mainstream enough to reach the local user.


Founded in 2009, the question and answer forum has seen its growth very recently in 2016. The site has monthly 100 million monthly users which spiked to 190 in 2017. It’s social and interactive but that is not the only reason people are flocking to the platform. 

Firstly Quora is inherently optimized for search engines because of long-tail keywords in their question. When a user answers the question, even more of the same words appear multiple times. It’s not a surprise to see quora among the top results on whatsoever you may google. One other thing that helps them grow is incentivizing sign-ups just like Dropbox.


Wanna get people’s attention, one foolproof way is giving out money and that’s exactly what Paypal did in 2000. The initial amount was 20$ and a referral. As more and more people signed up the amount went from 15$ to 10$ and then dropped to 5$ and vanished. By the time Paypal stopped the referral program they had hit $60million in the market. 

Growth hacking might have caught on recently but it’s an old idea used by many successful businesses. There is no foolproof formula to this so don’t get caught up copying others. Do what you do best and don’t be afraid to fall and try new things.

5 Ways to Startup your Dream Business Setup

We have many dreams to accomplish in a lifetime. For some people, a quarter of a  lifetime is enough to change their dreams into reality. For some, and that includes the lazy ones, it takes a lifetime to reach their goals and for the rest of them, even a lifetime is not enough. Leave alone the planning, the investment, the venue, they just don’t have what it takes to take the initiative. Now, what is that secret ingredient or ingredients that work for people who have been successful in realizing their dreams and achieved the height of success? The truth is there is no special ingredient. But all those who stand successful in their lives today have one thing in common, i.e. they never give up. To buck you up we are here with some useful and time-tested tips that will help you to take a leap of faith and just do it. We will see the end results, the profits, the level of success or failure later, but at this point in time, let’s just begin. 

Jot down your business plan 

People who single-handedly start up a business usually skip this basic step of planning. A business plan structures the layout of your dream. It’s the first and the most difficult step to take. It includes the executive summary, business description, and the products and services you hope to sell with an idea about the marketing, financial, and operational outlook of the setup. A successful business plan must include the end results and deadlines to follow. It serves as a guideline to keep you focused and on track to attain your business goals. Without a business plan, no bank would even finance your setup. 

Evaluate your business plan 

Do people want the services or products you wish to sell to them? Do you understand the term supply and demand? Is it possible that your products or services are not required by the public or they already have access to something which is better than your products? Sounds bad to the ears. Better do a thorough market and industry analysis/research before you launch your dream setup. See what people want and provide it to them. Market research would also include your target market, competitors analysis, ways to reach out to your prospective consumers, and convincing customers to shift from your competitor to you for better quality and low prices. 

Outsource Expertise

If you are one of the prodigious kids who have the innate ability to conquer any desired field of knowledge and work, that is lucky and if not so, leave it to the experts. Seriously, you don’t want to get yourself into the day-to-day operations of your new setup. The management will be in your hand, leave the rest for the professionals. For example, if IT is your forte, you would not be able to handle the financial or marketing or sales of your business. These sensitive areas require skillful professionals while you sit there giving them a platform to promote your business. 

Start a part-time job 

It is important to keep the reality check on all the time. No business will earn you profits in a day.  From six months to three to five years, you will see the invested amount being covered up and your business is making a profit. Well, this is for a standard business. The online businesses and other virtual projects get you money quite early but you need to be tech-savvy for that. Coming to the point as profits would take time to come, you may get a part-time job to cover up the daily operational costs while keeping your expenses as low as possible. If you will keep fretting upon the random and frequent expenses, it will take you ages to get to your desired future. So keep the financial pressure low by taking a part-time job until your business booms. 

Build an audience online

Before a physical setup, build an online audience that will help you measure the success of your business. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or  Instagram, use these free online sources that would help you promote your business. Spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues and ask them to spread the word further. 

We understand that the first step is always difficult but once taken with determination and passion and with the support of the right people, there is no going back. And for you, today is the day to take the first step.

A Complete Guide To SAAS Product

Programming as-a-Service or SaaS item is an inescapable plan of action for the universe of computerized items. As Bessemer decisively notes, these days, there are 55 private SaaS organizations that cost equivalent to or more than $1 billion. That demonstrates that it’s not only a promotion available of cloud-based items. It’s an indication of fast development from the current $500 billion market assessment to hit a $ trillion imprint in the following barely any years. Consequently in the event that you are keen on joining the club of fruitful organizers, how about we break into and explain what the SaaS application is and why dispatch a MVP in this field is a smart thought.

What is a SaaS product?

I didn’t intend to compose an article like SaaS for fakers. Yet, I need to clarify what SaaS is in basic terms. SaaS product is a web programming that all clients approach. A considerable lot of your preferred web stages are SaaS – Google Apps, DropBox, or Canva.

The possibility of the SaaS application started to spread by business people during the 90s. Furthermore, until this point in time, it is one of the most applicable business circulation models. In any event, 51% of organizations as of now work each cycle in the cloud. By 2021 this number is to increase to 73%.

To utilize SaaS stages, you don’t have to introduce anything on your gadget. A worker supplier has the application. Both the support and updates are performed on the host side and are imperceptible to the client. The best thing about SaaS programming is that you need not bother with any extraordinary gear or masters to utilize it. Go to the site – utilize the item – develop benefit. What could be simpler than that?

Accordingly, SaaS has quickly evolved as a model for conveying an incentive to the client. Also, the market responded. Enormous partnerships like to assimilate SaaS organizations alongside their items. For instance, in 2018, Microsoft gained GitHub for $7.5 billion, Adobe obtained Marketo for $4.75 billion and Magento for $1.68 billion.

So, the SaaS item market has incredible potential. It gives a chance to turn into a member in the “cloud” wars and pick any specialty in its trillion-dollar market. Consequently, to turn into an effective player, you have to comprehend the fundamental ideas and elements of SaaS.

Key Features of SaaS Product

Business visionaries consistently watch out for the highlights and qualities of SaaS. It isn’t unexpected since it’s an amazing chance to move into the major association. Subsequently, to realize what SaaS deals and how they work.

The various preferences of SaaS comparative with the conventional programming plan of action have positively been a factor. In any case, is everything really so smooth? We should discover the advantages and disadvantages of SaaS items.


·         Availability. It is a customer centricity premise, which characterizes a cloud programming model. The accessibility of your administration is just restricted to an Internet association. Your clients can engage or work being as versatile as could reasonably be expected. For example, if you run a large company it could be expensive to have someone write an huge handbook. Instead you could go with awesome software companies like AirMason that make employee handbook samples and templates for small to medium sized businesses.

·         Unlimited combinations. The quantity of cloud applications utilized is continually developing. Accordingly, in 2020 the product reconciliations have become an absolute necessity. It is a favorable position of SaaS for associations, in light of the fact that:

               Overall, associations with more than 250 workers utilize 100 SaaS items.

               Associations that have up to 50 workers use around 50 SaaS items

·         Simple scaling. At the core of any development are a lot of measurements and complex calculations. However, in a specialized setting, just cloud-based programming considers smooth development in the quantity of highlights. It is essential for any MVP item.

·         Information security. The cloud security guidelines are high to the point that through 2025 99% of cloud security failures will be the client’s fault.


·         Security challenge. Incomprehensibly, security is both a quality and a shortcoming of SaaS applications. Why? Since specialized arrangements like ISO/IEC 27017 standard don’t ensure the evasion of client information leakage. Anything can be the reason – from not strong passwords to phishing attacks.

·         Government guidelines. Numerous SaaS arrangements manage information that is under state guidelines. Consequently, there might be a tech challenge to meet state necessities, regardless of whether it is consistent with GDPR or HIPAA.

Here’s Why You Need to Have Software as a Service – SaaS!

Commonly known as SaaS, Software as a Service is a cloud-based service that truly meets all your modern storage requirements in 2020. Through SaaS, you do not have to download anything on your laptop or PC or have a business network that updates and runs it. SaaS allows you to have an application that runs from an internet browser. This application allows you to have anything and everything – from covering your unified communication needs to having office software, you name it.

Concerning SaaS, there are numerous advantages you need to be aware of. For instance, SaaS is a compatible and accessible source for your cloud requirements. Furthermore, it comes with cheaper upfront rates than the traditional software, which you have first to download and then install on your PC. The affordable costing model of SaaS is what makes it a readily available option for numerous types of businesses. 

Oh, so you are enjoying reading through the benefits of Saas? Let’s dig into some more then!

  • Accessibility 

In the discussion done above, we highlighted how SaaS is easily accessible through just an internet browser. Elaborating this point a bit, you do not have any specific requirements concerning the operating system. Whether you have a Linux machine or a Mac or Windows, SaaS is easily accessible on all platforms. And we say all platforms; we also include smartphones. 

SaaS applications are compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well. They are designed in ways that keep them mobile-friendly so that you can access them on the go.

  • Patches and updates

As SaaS runs on the cloud, this allows the vendors to update the software centrally without causing any disruption to others’ operations. To avoid any sorts of pitfalls that reduce the development cycle and limit its users’ features, the SaaS model quickly prioritizes security updates. 

  • Hardware

One of the most significant unique selling points of SaaS is its hardware. SaaS is made in ways that do not require a sort of initial investment. For traditional software, you often need compatible hardware and software configurations in addition to network switches and servers. In short, you need to make a lot of investment for the on-premises software. 

With SaaS, all of this goes out of the window. This allows small-scale businesses as well on how they can have full access to various software tools through cloud applications. Also, SaaS is made in a scalable manner. Concerning your usage, you can add or reduce the services, and your billing plan will be adjusted.

  • Market reach

This point is for the vendors. SaaS vendors can supply the service to a large market, not just some targeted segment, which can be limited for multiple reasons. This, again, points out how accessible and cheaper the service can be for different types and sizes of business. 

  • Storage and saving

For traditional software, you also need to invest in backups such as disaster recovery plans and online cloud storage if a hardware crash leads to losing important data. In the case of SaaS, a cloud service, your data is backed-up on the cloud. What makes this better is how the data is automatically routinely saved up. Regardless of how many devices are linked to your account, your data will be saved and stored without redundancy. 

  • Analytics and data

In SaaS, everything runs through centralized means, which indicates that it becomes easier to capture the data and use it for analytics. Businesses that use SaaS can access the intelligence and reporting tools to gain insights into the operations. This is an essential element as the workflows, and the results are streamlined.

The future is all on the cloud, and you need to get on the SaaS train. Invest in SaaS today, and you will find yourself getting multiple benefits.

Distance learning: new resources and free tips. Submit your material

Distance learning with Google Classroom
Course organized and certified by SO.GE.S, a body accredited by Miur (a company belonging to the Orizzonte Scuola group). Go to the course description

Virtual classes in the time of Coronavirus, do it with Edmodo. Free video lessons Edmodo looks like any social network, it can be used as a place to manage the learning of your class, but also to facilitate collaboration and the publication of creative material with other teachers all over the world. Go to the course description

Distance education, attention to the processing of personal data (e-mail address) Distance education, represents the school’s formative response to the emergency from Coronavirus. In some cases teachers are forced to treat the email address. It is a personal data, therefore attention is needed, keeping in mind the GDPR (2016/679), the implementing decree (101/18) and the pronouncements of the Privacy Guarantor. Go to the article

Distance learning, WhatsApp: how to guarantee privacy on the part of the teacher and schools The numerous teaching activities, made at a distance, have reopened the theme (never closed and clear) on the protection of personal data and privacy that concerns minors who they represent, in the Italian school, almost 90% of the total enrolled and attending pupils. Go to the article

Coronavirus, distance learning: new indications from the Ministry. Note Tips, tools and guides Distance learning: 50 online resources to do it. Teacher responsibility, from methodologies to evaluation
The language of the web requires new forms of expression, it requires school operators and journalists to be familiar with technical knowledge. Go to the article

Distance learning, how to design the multimedia product on paper
The use of multimedia, in Italian schools, has undergone a huge evolution in the last ten years even if there have been periods of uncertainty and crisis, caused both by the IT market and from the expansion of the use of these tools at school, because the IT tools were too limited, or too demanding for training use in classes born after 2005. Go to the page

Distance teaching, how to remodel the planning of didactic activities. PDF model The Ministerial Circular of the Ministry of Education of 17 March 2020, with the subject of “health emergency from new Coronavirus.

How to make a concept map: programs and tips to create it

HOW TO MAKE A CONCEPTUAL MAP The conceptual map is a very useful tool for all school students of all levels and grades: from primary to university. Thanks to an effective conceptual map it is possible to study faster and better assimilate the complex concepts outlined inside. If created through the proper technique can also help in situations of intense study, such as the maturity, queries, class assignments, university exams. So here are some tips for creating concept maps with the right software.

1. WHAT IS A CONCEPTUAL MAP If you have difficulty memorizing what you study, a valid ally may be concept maps for you. These are really useful study tools, which allow you – in a very simple and practical way – to schematize the topics you need to study and, consequently, to remember them better.

Their effectiveness is guaranteed by the studies of numerous psychologists and by the individual experience of thousands of students: being able to graphically schematize vast subjects is truly a godsend for memory. Just as the territory can be represented through geographical maps, the thought and concepts we memorize can also be represented in a simple map … a conceptual map, in fact!
In short: concept maps can truly represent a lifeline in studying for questions, homework or university exams, because they are able to help you better understand the notions in your mind. Not only that: they can also be very useful for preparing a multidisciplinary dissertation for high school.

Concept maps can come in handy in each of the different phases of your school career: whether you are a student of middle school or high school, but also if you are enrolled in university. In fact, they will allow you to:

Store quickly
Easily forfeit notions in your head
“Record” in an almost indelible way the concepts you study, so much so that even after years you can easily remember what you had memorized long ago.

you can download ready-made concept maps (here, on, there is a wide choice) or create your own, starting from scratch. If you have time available, we can only advise you on the second way: being you, in the first person, to organize and schematize your study material in a conceptual map, you will be able to have a much clearer topic that you need to study and to stamped in indelibly in your memory. This means that you will have an extra gear not only in the study phase, but also in the review phase: just take a look at the conceptual map that you yourself have built to get an overview of all the related concepts.

3. HOW TO CREATE CONCEPTUAL MAPS Creating valid concept maps is only a matter of training: initially you will find the procedure slightly difficult (it happens to anyone who is not used to summarizing and schematizing what they study), but slowly the road will appear to you downhill. The benefits, however, will be found immediately: even if your first conceptual map will not be perfect, you will see that the topic covered will impress itself in your mind in a way that you didn’t think possible.

Where to start to create a concept map? The first thing you need to do is (obviously!) Choose the topic you want to schematize. You can write the big beautiful title in the center of your sheet and, with the help of arrows and branches, divide it into concepts of lower, that is less important, levels which will be connected to it by logical connections.

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