6 SAAS Products For Growing Your Small Business

Do you run a small business owner and on a look for hacks to stunt its growth in 2021?  If yes, then you must be aware of the multiple teams you will need for this, which means hiring more workforce, but your tight budget does not allow this. Well, in that case, these Saas products are a perfect match to your financing and growth needs. These cloud based softwares costs much less money than hiring a whole team and can be tailored according to your requirements.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service tool used to derive useful information from the numbers generated by your website. It keeps track of every interaction or click on your website, commonly visited page, least visited page, number of users and their demographic, what browser or device they use, and most importantly which social media platform derives most traffic etc.

Seems like a set of trivial information but google analytics provide useful insight about the customers or your online presence using such information. You can then use that to optimise your websites accordingly. 


Elink is very famous among small business owners for both content curation and content marketing. With its user friendly interface you can create newsletters, webpages, RSS widgets, Bookmarks, and social bio links within a few minutes.

This Saas application is a lifesaver for individuals who struggle with creativity and making visually appealing web pages. It also comes with a library full of templates and layouts that you can avail to step up your digital content game. 

In today’s world, UI or UX are the real deal breakers but thanks to the developers at Elink, you don;t have to worry about the design and can fully focus on growing your online venture.


In addition to being a marketing platform, Hubspot has some additional features to streamline your sales and customer relationship management. From conducting automatic email campaigns, interacting with customers, tabulating the results of campaigns, and a dashboard displaying the sales pipeline, it can do it all.

The product is free but requires a subscription to premium edition in order to use features related to automated marketing and CRM. Some of its free features include; Blog ideas generator, invoice template generator, market plan generator, and free business templates etc.


For brands that thrive on increased social media engagement, buffer is the one stop solution for generating organic engagement. With a single account, you can manage multiple social media platforms to share your story and attract an audience.

Its features include but are not limited to; posts scheduling, hashtag planner, running social media marketing campaigns, examining their impact, and generating reports etc.

Bonus: It comes with 14 days free trial and can cancel at any moment although, given its reviews it is highly unlikely.


An AI based customer support software, where you can send automatic responses to your customer’s queries. You can customise and curate the responses based on customers’ behaviour.

Users have reported a decrease in their response time from 2 hours to 2 minutes. In addition to developing business messengers and targeted chat bots, the softwares also provides you with useful insights from the conversation with the customers.

Fresh Book

If you hate keeping track of countless excel sheets or managing receipts, then you definitely need this cloud based accounting software. The most prominent feature is its integration with almost 100 other softwares, which helps you streamline the cost flow.

From freelancers to entrepreneurs and corporations, everyone is using FreshBook to keep track of their payments, especially when there is a contractor involved.

By utilising these products, you can  compensate for your weak spots in business management and focus on your strengths. Since it takes a whole village to run a successful enterprise

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