6 Successful Growth Hacking Strategies for New and Small Businesses

To survive the cutthroat business environment these days, small businesses depend on successful growth hacking and the necessary tools needed for it. Organizations must strategize and focus on consumer growth and unless you are a professional growth hacker, this may be a daunting task.

Using smart digital and non-digital activities, your business can reel in potential customers and expand its reach online. For this purpose, you need to be knowledgeable of the tools and ideas required to increase your brand reach and harness these strategies to market your services effectively.

1. Do Your Research and Stay Connected

The best way to reach out to new customers and build loyalty is by researching the market and staying connected with people of influence and importance. Educating yourself and updating your information about the rapidly fluctuating and evolving marketing cycle can be useful when you are a growth hacker.

Keep in touch with growth hackers and others who have experience with marketing online and using modern technology to further learn new strategies to attract consumers. 

2. Prepare for a Pre-Launch

One of the most crucial tasks for any business is to prepare its pre-launch customer list. For this purpose, you may need to apply customer-generating tricks and strategies to assemble a pre-launch list.

You can start with the basics: launching an effective giveaway campaign for existing and potential customers to increase your following on online platforms. Additionally, you can also create an effective referral/reward campaign that rewards consumers for referring your service to friends and family.

A rather popular and effective strategy these days is building influencers outreaches. Seek the assistance and referrals of prominent social media personalities and content creators who can record a live critique of your product PR package or service for the world to see.

You can even launch a magical pre-launch snippet video of your product so people can get familiar with it and join the hype. The key is to optimize your referral market so that the word of your product launch spreads far and wide.

3. Invest in an Application or a Plug-In

Growth hacking is all about customer growth and what better way to achieve that than through creating applications and plug-ins that reel in potential customers?

You can hire the services of an application developer, or if you are tech-savvy, you can even design an application for your business yourself. Fiver offers the services of several technologically knowledgeable app developers that will get the job done without incurring massive costs.

Proper advertising of your application and making the plug-ins free for use is a foolproof way to shovel in customers.

4. Build a Social Media Presence

It goes without saying that having a strong social media presence is paramount for any business’s success, especially when marketing strategies are advancing day by day.

Creating your own community on online platforms can level up your business growth and popularity. A social media group that circles around your products and services on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can offer an excellent way to reach out to your existing and potential customers. More importantly, it gives them a route to reach out to you.

Continuous posting of articles, pictures, and promotional videos will keep your audience engaged. You can even throw in some freebies or the classic ‘buy-one-get-one-free option occasionally.

Ask consumers of your products for advice and suggestions and provide them with solutions to their queries wherever possible. The overall goal is to build a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the prosperity and success of your business.

5. Make Strategic Decisions Based on Data Analytics

You simply cannot make strategic business decisions without evaluating, measuring, and assessing your past actions, current plans, and future visions. For this reason, you need up-to-date business data, metrics, and all the important facts and figures.

As a flourishing business, you need to be able to analyze this data and streamline tasks. You must pinpoint loopholes in current strategies and devise foolproof solutions to tackle these in the future.

Through a careful assessment of the analytics, you will then be able to decide where to invest your money and resources. Compare and contract your performance with the previous business year and evaluate where you can further improve to ensure growth in the future.

6. Build a Review/Testimonial Section

The most important rule of growth hacking is to use customer reviews and testimonials as your best marketing tool. Whatever you say or do will not be as crucial as how the customer perceives your product or service.

Obtain reviews and feedback in the form of comments, reaction or unboxing videos, blog posts, or even social media campaigns that may actively support your product.

Collect positive feedback and stories from customers and assemble them in one place on your web page or social media platform for the world to see. Organizations nowadays will broadcast customer reviews on their Instagram stories to garner support.

When people visit your social media or web page, positive customer reviews could make them potential customers as testimonials by and can be used as a decision-making tool for new consumers.

Remember to design your reviewing system as user friendly so that customers can operate it without any hassle. Often companies will receive poor reviews, not for their product, but for their technical reviewing system.

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